We are now offering Science Tours of London

London Physics Tour

So much science and history are concentrated into the dense paths of London; the ghouls of scientists and inventors reminding its current inhabitants of the city’s achievements whilst its buildings house little known engineering feats and secrets.

Endless reams of stories about discovery and scandal weave through the historic streets of London Town.

Why not have someone dress up as Albert Einstein and tell you about it? Why not have me dress up as Albert Einstein and tell you about it? Let us show you London’s alleys of discovery and zebra crossings of regretful insight. The latter a reference to one man’s role in the birth of fission and thus, a changing point in the world’s history.

Scientists came to London from elsewhere but also boasts its own legends. Our biggest problem is deciding who and what to enlighten you on. If you’re interested, please pledge interest using the link below.


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