R. Fickling

Bio: Physics Graduate; Entrepreneur; Traveller; Yorkshie; Londoner; Footballer; I'm a recent graduate of Physics from Queen Mary, University of London which I very much enjoyed. Undergraduate physics was never easy but the journey is rewarding enough for me to want to encourage others to consider it. // Physics is brilliant but research is not a passion for me, teaching and outreach are. I worry that I would make little impact teaching in a secondary school and have avoided this route into changing lives. I believe a culture change or two need to happen, that more people need to be exposed to the opportunities of an empowering education in physics. I want to drive this. I joined UCL to study MSc Technology Entrepreneurship and wish to use my background in education and physics to make my impact on our future physics entrepreneurs by being a physics entrepreneur. // Summers are great excuses to see the world. I'm lucky enough to have visited Thailand, Canada, USA and much of Europe. There's something about using a spoon to spread Nutella on a baguette in a random park that really inspires those big questions such as "why are we on this Earth if not to help each other?". Biggest lesson learned: wear trainers when touring. // London was not my place of birth. Ich wohne in Bra'ford, West Yorkshire and proud to be. I would not love the capital if I had experienced it as a child, would not appreciate being crushed on a tube, would not be able to see it for everything it is and could be. It's a wonderful city and my home. // I started playing football when I was 4 years old. Bradford City Women's Football Club were kind enough to train me from such a young age to me being almost 18. Due to school and work commitments as well as rusty knees, I quit football. After 5 years of not playing, I missed being in a team, winning things and scoring! Currently playing for UCL, I am enjoying revisiting an activity that is as much an identity as anything else I would claim. // I'm blogging to entertain you but also to feel out for the potential of my dreams.

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