Feud: Tesla V Edison


The titans. Nikola Tesla was the ultimate scientist, choosing his research over a spouse and improving lives via his inventions. But, he also lived at the same time as Thomas Edison, who was a bit of a knob (and didn’t even invent the light bulb, jeeze). Edison was pretty much just a great entrepreneur, hiring people to make stuff for him rather than being the idea factory he is assumed to be. It can be assumed that his best-friend was the patent.

Tesla’s invention of alternating current (AC) rivalled Edison’s less efficient direct current (DC) to connect electrical power America. DC requires power stations to be very close to their user which would mean lots of smelly plants close to areas you don’t want a big steamy coal fire. AC, however, is happy to travel without much loss of power. Edison kind of knew Tesla was right so started a big smear campaign against this better model by electrocuting animals and people using AC. “Look how dangerous it is”. Shut up, Edison.

Tesla had a hand (or more) in the technologies of radio, radar, hydroelectricity, transistors, the Tesla Coil, x-ray, electrical generators, spark plugs and so much more. By the end of it, he had 700 original patents. Oh, and he apparently built a death ray… Yet, Edison is still the more famous (and wealthier) of the two.

Tesla: I love you and that’s all that matters.