Physics in London

London is a vibrant community with a rich mix of cultures and people. These cultures and people have, and continue to, shape the great city at the heart of England’s South East, London. Many that visit are enchanted by the mix of history with modern, rich and poor, English and not so English. Just looking at the architecture, Wren’s Baroque cathedral St Paul’s powerfully shoulders the Gherkin whilst the Shard diverts attention away from the beautiful Tower Bridge. The mix of privileged boys of Chelsea mixing with modern students on the breadline is matched by Brutal tower blocks almost embarrassed to be seen alongside London’s shiny glass covered high rises. But the best thing about London is not its aesthetics but the people that drive it. Londoners are proud folk and adopted residents work hard to be worthy of such a fantastic place to live. It’s a completely different world and unmatched by any other region in the UK. Truly, it is the place.

As a Physics graduate, I can’t help but wish there was a stronger community of scientists with those that like science. I sometimes forgot how fun my subject is and when you fall away from that, it becomes boring, achieving the end product becomes an uphill chore rather than the rewarding education that it was. Networking is important and my focus is more towards the fun parts: socialising. A web of keen chemists, brill biologists, fancy physicists and admirers of science connecting via a medium. Really, how often do we get to show off the awesomeness of our discipline? We are all so passionate about it and I’m sure everybody has experienced the frustration that we can’t always share it with the general audience. I would like to change that.

I am also a big believer in empowerment through education – coming from a not so rich background, the odds were (and still are) against me in terms of completing university. So, I would like to provide opportunities and encourage at least curiosity in science and technology as a career or even degree choice, supporting those that choose to do so. I’m now exploring a new avenue as a PG student at University College London learning tons of cool stuff on the MSc Technology Entrepreneurship course. Combining physics and entrepreneurship is an aim for me as well as something I would like to instigate in other physicists. Physicists hold the keys to our future, 2014 is a great time to start busting some problematic locks.

Welcome to my blog!


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